Amrai Pari Paribarik Nirjaton Protirodh Jot (WE CAN)


Amrai Pari (WE CAN) is fundamentally a campaign of mass scale. Amrai Pari (WE CAN) recognizes that a relevantly large scale campaign and common awareness are required for the changes in attitudes, behavior and individuals that work across society. The central strategy of Amrai Pari (WE CAN) is to bring the deeply rooted personal, voluntary and self-propelled changes at the individual level - ordinary men, women and young people who commit to changing first themselves and then taking the change to at least 10 other people in their spheres of influence to change their immediate environment or families and lastly change their society to make it a violence free society.


The Change Makers will mobilize the stand against the social acceptability of violence against women. Indeed, Change Maker is a volunteer identity. Any person can become a Change Maker, who believes in the existence of violence and discrimination against women in the family and society; then takes a concrete stand to end that.



The Change Makers' Pledge

  • Not to tolerate or perpetuate violence against women under any circumstances.
  • To motivate at least 10 people to help prevent and end gender discrimination and violence against women.


The Change Makers will also -

  • Realizes that violence against women is a serious social issue, not a personal matter.
  • Believes that violence against women is not acceptable.
  • Believes that change in the current attitude and practices is both essential and possible.
  • Recognizes that men and womens roles in society vary from culture to culture but believes that these roles can change with time.
  • Actively try to influence others to change their attitudes towards the issues.
  • Play a crucial role in ending discrimination and violence against women.

Change Makers are involved in the awareness-to-action process both as individuals and as a group. They recognize that change can be stimulated but not forced. In 2009, Amrai Pari (WE CAN) Bangladesh initiated the concept of Connector Change Maker. Connector change makers take more responsibilities onto themselves and act as the link between the allies on one level, and other change makers, on the other. A number of committees are formed at different levels (including Ward, Union and Upazilla levels) by the Change Makers involved with Amrai Pari Paribarik Nirjaton Protirodh Jot (WE CAN). The committees organize events, meetings, and coordinate with the district alliances. Currently there are 16666 Ward committees, 2384 Union committees and 472 Upazilla committees are working together to end violence against women.

Act of Change Maker

  • Change Maker can change their violent and discriminatory attitudes and beliefs towards women.
  • Change Maker can make a pledge that, he/she will not allow any violence in his/her own life and he/she will not act any kind of violence with others.
  • Change Maker can encourage to others to be a Change Maker
  • Change Maker can make a Change Maker group who can play role to stop violence against women.
  • Change Maker can participate in Amrai Pari (WE CAN) campaign activities or event.
  • Change Maker can read Amrai Pari (WE CAN) BCC Materials and share with others.
  • Change Maker can discuss about violence issue in their community.